Cooking and sisters

This is LB, the younger of the 2 sisters involved in this blog. I would agree about the sacredness of cooking together. Several years ago, we annexed a friend of mine as an honorary sister, mostly on the strength of the fact that she and I had been cooking together once a month. One of us would plan the menu (4-5 entrees, plus 1-2 desserts or treats–all of which were made in enormous quantities for the freezer), and I would do the shopping, and then we’d spend a whole day in her kitchen. Kids would play downstairs, and we would cook and talk. This woman knows all the dirt, trust me.
Anyway, when BK asked me to do a blog with her on food, I immediately had ideas of what we could include in such a site. All the various foods we make that are “methods”, not recipes. Things we’ve invented from scratch. Recipes we’ve modified. Comfort food from Mom and Grandma. Places where we’ve eaten, where you can get the quintessential whatever. And thoughts about how food is more than fuel.

And I should tell you, my sister is a genius with food. Seriously. I would eat anything that came out of her kitchen. I have my occasional flashes of genius, but she is a perpetual genius. My genius lies more in being smart enough to follow her around and get ideas, and in calling her when I want to make banana bread but have no bananas. Most of my really great meals have started with a phone call to my sis…”Help, I have 2 chicken breasts, one cucumber, some basil, and a loaf of sourdough–what am I having for dinner?”

I invite you to join us in My Sister’s Kitchen–where everything tastes better.