BBQ Chicken Pizza

About the cheese on deep dish pizza…..I like Romano, myself–the kind you get in a chunk and grate yourself. It’s got a little bit more kick than Parmesan.

Also, here’s a variation that has become legendary in some circles:
BBQ Chicken pizza. I know that BK does it slightly differently than we do, but that’s what great cooking is about, right? It’s a Method, not a recipe to live or die by.

So you make the dough as described, then spread it in a pan, and spread it with your favorite BBQ sauce (we like Famous Dave’s, which you get in large bottles at Sam’s Club. We’ve also had the most incredible homemade sauce, almost worth its own post, from a guy called Hutch–he hangs out in the Friant Tavern, in the little bitty town near Fresno, CA, at the base of the Friant Dam. It’s the best BBQ sauce you’re ever likely to have, if Hutch is still around.) Anyway, then you put a mix of mozzarella and any or all of the following: provolone, smoky gouda, romano.

Then you add chunks of chicken breast (which you’ve already sauteed with LOTS of garlic and onions.) Also, some cilantro, and a sprinkling of toasted pignoli (which is Italian for pine-nuts.) Optional additions are artichoke hearts, grilled or marinated red peppers,…..feel free to embroider here.

This is our traditional dinner for the night in December when our family (LB and Kirk and kids) and our pastor’s family get together at their house for our Annual Christmas Pageant. We have a script, costumes, etc. Last year, there were 6 kids, 4 parents, 2 grandparents, 1 great-grandparent, and a few extra people who got dragged along. Characters include Mary, Joseph, a narrator, shepherds, wisemen, sometimes a baby (sometimes a doll, depending on who is too big or wiggly anymore), miscellaneous sheep, angels, and sheep who think they are angels.

The traditional dessert is Lisa’s Famous Chocolate Mousse, but that truly is worth its very own post, so I’ll save that for later.


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