Japanese food in St. Paul

I have a new place to recommend for good, simple Japanese food in downtown St. […]

Tummy ache? Here’s a simple home remedy….

Several days ago when we were working hard to get things at the cottage packed […]

Chicken Framboise for dinner

That’s a name I just made up this moment for the thing we had for […]

Eating at the Minnesota State Fair

I happen to live in a state where the State Fair is a HUGE deal.  […]

What do you do with $50 worth of fresh raspberries?

We picked 2 large ice cream buckets full of raspberries yesterday at a local farm. […]

Another variation on sausage pasta salad….

Since we actually HAD dinner last night with Auntie Ellen and her family and it […]

Pesto, walnut and sausage pasta salad

Our dear friend and honorary sister Ellen gave us this recipe a couple years ago, […]

An old-fashioned chocolate malt

Ahhhh! I just got home from an arduous rehearsal after an arduous day (picking berries […]

Canning Pickles: What a lot of work!

  Here is a photo of the gallon jars of refrigerator’ pickles we canned. Good […]

Making jam with no added pectin

Today we made homemade blueberry jam and did NOT use little boxes of Sure-gel. I’ve […]

H. C. Kelley’s Sidecars: another cottage tradition

Dave reminices about his grandpa’s favorite drink recipe: “From when I was very young I […]

Spectacular, easy, & delicious: Big Dutch Babies*

Dave’s family has been making this recipe for close to 30 years. Our family has […]

Breakfast treats: Dutch Baby Pancakes & Irish Bacon

When we were first married, Dave would make Dutch Baby pancakes for Saturday morning breakfast. […]

A bunch of no-cook appetizer ideas:

Once again, looking at the search terms that brought people here has struck me with […]

Freezing Fresh Beets

In the olden days, fruits and vegetables needed to be canned, dried, or pickled in […]

Indian Chai Tea

Auntie Karen has travelled extensively in India and one of the recipes that she’s brought […]

Raspberry jam and syrup

On Monday, I plan to take my kids and go berrying. There is a great […]

How DO you know when bread is done rising?

We’ve had several search engines questions that keep recurring for this site. One of the […]