Guacamole–another summer treat

With the weather hot and not conducive to hot kitchen activities, we’re always on the lookout for good, cool recipes. Dave is in charge of the guacamole in our house and this is his recipe. We have a couple of boys who can eat their weight in guac!


Mash 3-4 really ripe avocados
Stir in:

  • 1/2 very finely chopped onion
  • 1 finely chopped tomato
  • 2/3 c. sour cream (optional: we rarely add sour cream)
  • 2 T. lime or lemon juice
  • salt to taste
  • 1/2 c. salsa or pico de gallo to taste

This guacamole will turn black if left out (not that it ever lasts that long around here) so be sure to use it quickly or place a piece of plastic wrap directly against the top surface of the guacamole so that no air is in contact with it.

Eat this guacamole with chips and veggies or as a garnish on hamburgers, salads, quesadillas, burritos, chimichangas, etc. It’s also possible that avocados are a food group. Also a vegetable.


One thought on “Guacamole–another summer treat

  1. I’m writing some variations to try…

    Some Mexican culinary wonderfulness I’ve heisted from many years living con los mexicanos.

    A preliminary note: I don’t give proportions because I was taught to make it by eyeballing it.

    It’s a little of this, a little of that, tasting as you go — until you get the flavor juuuuuuust riiiiiight.

    And then you never, ever make it precisely that way ever again. Sigh… Don’t you LOVE cooking?
    Add chopped fresh cilantro.

    Squeeze the lime juice fresh. (Lemon juice in combination with the variations laid out here probably isn’t sweet enough. OR, in a pinch, use the lemon juice & add a pinch or two of granulated sugar. I plan to send the sisters’ kitchen a “How to get the most juice out of your fresh limes: Lessons learned from Abuela Antonia” soon. Stay tuned…)

    Add a finely chopped fresh serrano pepper — or less or more, depending on what you can handle. Even a tablespoon or less will add the flavor without as much bite.

    Leave out the salsa & sour cream.

    Mix it all in a blender so it’s smooth — which means adding water verrry slowly, so you don’t get it too watery.

    Another tip for keeping guacamole fresh: put the avocado seed IN the dish with the guac. It’s usually served that way — just scoop around the seed! 🙂

    Regarding use of peppers…

    I do recommend serranos for this & not jalapenos or any other kind of pepper. The flavor & type of spiciness isn’t as good a combination.

    But that’s me. You want chilpotle in your guacamole? You go ahead and live large.

    There’s no guacamole police outside your kitchen waiting to arrest you for breaking the laws of Central Mexican cooking.

    Unless you go to my church. They won’t arrest you, but one of the abuelas will likely declare that you’re not fit for marriage. (You laugh. But that has actually happened.)

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