Authentic Mexican Food in Western Michigan? Who’da’thunk?

Yes, today we had a minor international experience. Like LB and her family, we are always on the hunt for good Mexican food. (Sadly, so far, we haven’t found it in NC, but we are still searching.) Today we were driving between Hart and Shelby, on Oceana Blvd which parallels Highway 31, and actually passed and turned back to a little building on the SW corner of Oceana and Polk. (Polk is the road you’d exit and go east on to Hart.) We walked past the peeling red and white painted sign that read Mexican grocery y Taqueria and right into Mexico!

In the back corner, we ordered carnitas tacos and barbacoa tacos with lots of onion and cilantro. The market yielded wonderfully inexpensive and fresh tortillas, Mexican sweet bread pastries, Soda Victorias (pineapple, lemon-lime, tamarind, and RED flavors), limes, and every imaginable spice from Mexico. Notably lacking were any English speakers but ourselves. Still, we found everything we needed.

The food was incredibly good and incredibly spicy…just the way we like it. If you’re in this part of Michigan, this is definitely a great lunch stop.