Breakfast treats: Dutch Baby Pancakes & Irish Bacon

When we were first married, Dave would make Dutch Baby pancakes for Saturday morning breakfast. These big, puffy, spectacular pancakes can be enhanced by any seasonal fruit. Of course, not to be outdone by an Irish guy making something called Dutch Babies, I invented Irish babies. This breakfast food involves biscuits, eggs, cheese, and bacon. Over the years, the name of that dish evolved into Irish Bacon. Now our kids can construct either breakfast for those weekend mornings when we have time to really enjoy good food together.

Irish Bacon
Irish Bacon

This morning, Michael eyed the bacon in the fridge (a special vacation treat) and the cans of refrigerator biscuits and decided that HE needed to be in charge of breakfast.

First, he greased a couple of pie plates and arranged the biscuits in them. (In the photo you can see that these are large biscuits because the Pillsbury GRANDS were on sale. Normally, a regular can of refrigerator biscuits fits perfectly in a pie plate or quiche pan.

Then he whisked together two eggs and salt and pepper (normally we use garlic salt because we’re just like that) and 1 T. milk per pan. He pushed chunks of cheddar cheese into each biscuit and poured the egg mixture over the entire pan. He topped each biscuit with 1/3 piece of mostly cooked bacon. He popped the pans in the oven at 375° until the eggs were set up and the biscuits fully cooked. It was delicious!

We sometimes will also add green chilis or use breakfast sausage or ham instead of bacon. Any kind of cheese is fair game too. This is definitely a family favorite.

Michael needed a little adult supervision while frying the bacon. If he had needed to be entirely independent on the prep for this, he could have microwaved the bacon instead of frying it in a skillet.


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