Lingering Green Flash question #1: “Are you making this up?”

A few weeks ago I posted about a Green Flash, a cocktail Dave and I invented for a relative. We’ve been asked some questions about this post and over the next few days, we’ll try to tackle them. green-flash.jpg

The big question is: “You are making this up. There isn’t really any such thing as a green flash in nature, is there? Isn’t that a myth?”

The answer: We are not making this up. Yes, there is such a thing as a green flash. It is not a myth.

I won’t try to explain the physics to you. Better to let the weathermen and rocket scientists do that.

Here is a link from BBC Weather that is moderately helpful.

Here is another from Nasa which is better. A great explanation can be had from Mt. Wilson Observatory which is near where Dave grew up.

And finally, this page which has links to lists of links about the green flash.

Is is our experience that even with the credible explanations, a certain percentage of people still don’t believe there is such thing as a green flash. That is okay. Come watch the sunset with us anyway and let us fix you another Chuck’s Green Flash.

There were other questions and we’ll get to those later.