Lingering Green Flash question #2 and #3

Origins, Layering, and Gravity sum up the remaining questions some of you have been asking about the green flash drink.

Question #2: Where did you get this recipe?

I mentioned in the original Green Flash post that Dave and I had  ‘invented’ this drink for Cousin Chuck. And we did. We didn’t, however, start from scratch. We saw a listing for a layered drink at a local restaurant that made use of these colors and we diligently experimented with quantities and ingredients and modified the concept until we felt it was right. The drink we modeled it after was called a ‘stop and go’ or something with a traffic signal theme.

Question #3: How do you make the layers? What do you mean by “specific gravity”?

To create the layers in the green flash or in any drink, it helps to know the specific gravity of each liquor or ingredient. In this case they are listed in the recipe in the order they need to be poured and, you guessed it, the heaviest gets poured first. To layer the drink, use a spoon turned bowl up and put it down over the ice. Pour each ingredient slowly into the glass so the surface of the layer below isn’t disturbed. I use my black-and-tan spoon since it is made for this but you can use a big tablespoon or small serving spoon (uh, not a slotted one). Don’t float the layers until you are ready to serve the drinks.

The specific gravity of each ingredient is simply the weight of the ingredient. Ingredients with a higher specific gravity are heavier and those with a lower specific gravity are lighter. The lighter ingredients can be floated on top of the heavier ingredients if they are carefully poured.

Here are some examples of the specific gravity of a few liquors from lightest to heaviest:

  • Kirsh – .94
  • Peppermint Schnapps – 1.04
  • Amaretto – 1.10
  • Orange Curacao – 1.08
  • Blue Curacao – 1.11
  • Creme de Menth – 1.12
  • Kahlua – 1.15
  • Grenadine – 1.17
  • Creme de banana – 1.18

If you want to explore specific gravity further there is a chart here. Experiment with ingredients. Take into account colors and flavors. Enjoy!