Poor Man’s Scampi

Eating shrimp scampi is all well and good if you can afford to buy the shrimp. There were quite a few years at the beginning of our marriage when we could NOT afford to buy shrimp. That didn’t stop us from craving that garlicky buttery goodness though, so we invented what we called Poor Man’s Scampi.

We used chicken instead! We saute’ed up the butter and onions and garlic just like we were making shrimp scampi, but then we stirred in chunks of chicken breast instead. We added the lemon juice and parsely at the end (we had a steady supply of fresh lemons because both Dave’s parents and my grandparents had lemon trees).

We served our Poor Man’s Scampi over cooked top ramen noodles–they seemed to keep the garlic/butter/lemon flavors intact. It was surprisingly good. It clearly wasn’t SHRIMP scampi, but we did get our garlic fix.