Ian’s Tasty Bread

I promised some weeks ago to post this recipe when we had perfected it and […]

Healthy Molasses Cookies

Okay, one more molasses cookie recipe, but this one really is different than all the […]

Traci’s Persimmon Cookies

If you’re one of those lucky people who actually HAS a persimmon tree or has […]

Chicken noodle soup

Chicken noodle soup is an essential thing for everyone to know how to make! (Excellent […]

Almond Snowball Cookies

Here’s another one of the cookies that will show up on our tray of Halloween […]

Citron bread

For years, citron bread was my favorite of all the different breads my mom made […]

Split pea with ham soup

I’ve been busy with homeschooling and out-of-town guests and such lately, so I haven’t posted […]

Pesto-red onion Hamburger Pockets

It’s a new invention! I didn’t feel like grilling burgers out in the snow flurries, […]

Yet another Gingerbread cookie recipe

These are our old favorites. One thing that I’ve learned over the years is that […]

Cinnamon Whole-wheat waffles

We saw our first snow flurries this morning and our entire household was vibrating with […]

Molasses Ginger Snaps

These molasses cookies are not quite the family favorite, but they’re close. These little cookies […]

Hot Spiced Cider

For the next several months, my house will smell like hot, spiced cider about 75% […]

Our Fun Halloween tradition

As a family, we’ve never been much into celebrating Halloween, but we do have a […]

Gingerbread–a classic seasonal treat

I’m delighted to haul out one of my favorite holiday recipes. I’ll make this gingerbread […]

Chestnuts- what do I do with them?

Other than roasting on an open fire….any ideas for me? How do I use these […]

Michael’s Magnificent (but simple) Fruit Smoothies

Michael is totally addicted to his own fruit smoothies. He’s a swimmer and averages 4000-5000 […]

Two-Tone Tomato Turmeric Twists: It looks like Circus Bread!

Since I experimented with beets and spinach as ingredients for homemade bread, I’ve been mulling […]

Salmon Chowder

Yup! The salmon was just as good today as it was yesterday. We LOVE salmon […]

Grilled Salmon with a white wine-apricot reduction

We ate fabulously well last night and it all started LAST weekend when I evidently […]

Homemade Sauerkraut…great results

It’s been several weeks since Dave started our Sauerkraut Experiment. It’s been sitting quietly in […]