Pesto-red onion Hamburger Pockets

It’s a new invention! hamburgers-plate.jpg

I didn’t feel like grilling burgers out in the snow flurries, so I tried something new.

I started by making a batch of pizza dough. While that was rising, I put 12 pre-formed hamburger patties (we buy the 25# boxes from Sams Club) on wire racks on jelly roll plans in a 325° oven. I cooked them until they were no longer pink inside and lots and lots of grease had drained off of them through the racks.

I sliced a red onion as thinly as possibly and thawed a container of pesto. Then I punched down the dough and divided it into 12 parts. hamburgers-dough.jpgI rolled each piece of dough into a 6-inch circle and spread about a tablespoonful of pesto in the center.hamburgers-pesto.jpg Then I layered a slice of red onion on top of the pesto. hamburgers-onions.jpgI placed a hamburger patty on top of the onion hamburgers-meat.jpgand then pulled the sides of the dough up over the patty and sealed it into a pocket. hamburgers-wrapping.jpg

These pockets sat on the insulated cookie sheet for about 45 minutes as they rose.hamburgers-unbaked.jpg Then I baked them for about 20-25 minutes until they were beautifully golden brown.hamburgers-plate1.jpg

I served them with fresh, steamed beets. Everyone dipped these pockets into ketchup and scarfed them right down. We all agreed that these would make PERFECT picnic food. Dave also thought he’d like a version of these that included bleu cheese instead of the pesto. All around, boring hamburgers turned into a fun meal. hamburgers-finished.jpg