Egg Nog Punch

I attended a cookie exchange and lunch yesterday at a friend’s house. Nine of us each made 9 dozen of one kind of cookie, and brought 8 dozens to the exchange. We went home with 8 different kinds of cookies, which we can use at parties, as teacher gifts, or wherever else Christmas cookies are needed. The hostess of this exchange served us a beautiful lunch, which included this fabulous egg nog punch. I asked if I could share it here, so she gave me the recipe, which I noticed she’d clipped from a Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Keep this recipe on hand for a fancy holiday gathering of moderate size–you don’t want to make this in huge batches for a horde, but for a ladies’ luncheon….it’s perfect.

Egg Nog Punch

•1 3/4-2 qt. French vanilla or cinnamon ice cream

•2 qt. chilled eggnog

•1 liter cream soda

•opt. cinnomon sticks, candy canes, or cinnamon sticks

•Ground cinnamon

Place the ice cream in the bottom of an extra large punch bowl. Add half of the eggnog. Stir and mash until the ice cream is melted and combined. Add the remaining eggnog and stir. Gently pour in the cream soda and mix. Serve in pretty glasses; add a peppermint or cinnamon stick or candy cane to each glass, and sprinkle with a little cinnamon.

Makes 24 6-oz. servings.