Holiday Liqueurs

As usual, I realized today that I’m running a little behind on some of my Christmas gifts. Auntie Joan helped remind me with some suggestions for holiday liqueurs:
Joan writes:

Something to add to your ‘holiday recipes’ that make really good gifts if you start them on time are bottles of Apricot or Cherry liqueur.
You start with 2 pounds of dried Turkish apricots (not as dark as regular ones and I found them at a health food store); or with dried pitted cherries

  • Add 1 bottle (1.75 liter)vodka and
  • 4 cups sugar

Stir vodka and sugar until nearly dissolved. Pour over fruit and store in sealed glass bottle for two weeks to 2 months.
Strain fruit out and strain liqueur through 4 layers of cheesecloth (for clarity) Pour into small airtight decorative bottles.
Dry the fruit and dip each apricot halfway in melted dipping chocolate.
For the cherries, melt 30 oz white chocolate plus 6 tablespoons of butter. Drop by tsp on waxed paper and chill.

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