Hot Crab Dip

This is another variation on crab dip that sounds yummy. Auntie Joan emailed it to me:
Hot Crab Dip

Joan writes:

Barb, I hesitate to even send this since your crab dip was so
delicious, but mine has only four ingredients plus a little seasoning.
It takes 2 cups of crab (I cheat and use the canned stuff from Costco sometimes); 2 cups of mayo; and 2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese.

Add garlic to taste and chop some green onions through it. The garlic can be the powdered kind or chopped, roasted if you want to go all the way.
Then bake until bubbly and serve with or in a round sour dough loaf. I use about 350 oven.
It is a quick mix that never has leftovers unless I squirrel some away before it is finished off.
Love you both,