Hummus phyllo cups

I invented a simply gorgeous little appetizer for a brunch I had a few weeks ago. It is pretty simple, and ends up looking so pretty, you just want to sit and look at them for a while.

I’d found, on sale in the grocery store, these little Athens brand “Mini Fillo Cups”–they are pre-baked, pre-shaped little shells of phyllo dough. They come in plain white, red (sun-dried tomato) and green (spinach).

I made a batch of hummus, which you can find here, spooned a little hummus into each phyllo cup, and added garnishes. One tray had red cups with the hummus, sliced olives, and a leaf or two of cilantro. Another tray had the green cups with hummus, and slivers of yellow bell peppers. You could really be creative (or not) with what you use for the garnish, because it ends up so pretty.

5 thoughts on “Hummus phyllo cups

  1. I am looking for the red and green phyllo cups. I am having a hard time finding them. Do you think there is any way to color them yourself with food coloring?

  2. Angala, I wouldn’t use food coloring on the philo cups–you’d want to add the color to the dough in the mixing phase, before baking. You COULD use a basic pie crust recipe and mix in some food coloring, and then bake in miniature muffin cups. But then, you’re missing the really beautiful feature of the prepackaged philo cups–the fact that they are quick and easy, and you just pull them out and put filling in them.

    You can get some of the same festive effect with the plain-colored cups by making your filling colorful–like strips of red bell peppers or diced radishes on whatever filling you use–hummus, etc.


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