Hot Buttered Rum

This is NOT a recipe that Michael suggested, mostly because he’s never had hot buttered rum! The first time I had homemade hot buttered rum was after a long day of skiing in Yosemite Valley. Dave and I were dating and he and his dad and sister drove up for some cross-country skiing. I drove from the Bay Area to meet them.

I’ve never skied quite so well as I did that day–and I’m not much of a skier. At the end of the day, Dave’s dad handed me a mug of hot buttered rum. I’d never had it before and it was the perfect way to end the day.

Here’s Jim’s recipe for Hot Buttered Rum. He insisted that the very best hot buttered rum consisted of hot cider, seasoned with cinnamon and cloves and covered with melted butter.

Hot Buttered Rum

  • Apple cider (if you simmer spices in it first, it’s the best!)
  • a finger of rum
  • a pat of butter

Pour the hot cider into a heavy mug. Add the rum and quickly put the butter on top. Sip slowly.

Some folks make hot buttered rum using simply hot water. This sounds totally unappealing to me.