A Neighborhood Dessert Party

I decided this year that we needed to have a party so we could meet some of the MANY new neighbors who have moved into our neighborhood this year. We settled on a dessert party. It was a modest success, and warrants future neighborhood events. Here are a few pictures of the food:Tableclose

On the menu:

A plate of fudge
Angel food cake, unfrosted, served with Wizbang Syrup
Apple cake, served with whipped cream, with a little cinnamon sugar folded in
A plate of banket
A bowl of Andes mints
A bowl of apple slices and clementine sections

Alas, I made a chocolate mousse, but must have gotten it going too late in the day, for it had not set by the time the party started. It is still sitting chilling out on the back porch. (Here’s one of the sneaky reasons people love to live in Minnesota: in the winter, your back porch doubles as a huge extra walk-in freezer!)

For beverages, there was a choice of:

Hot apple cider
Egg nog punch

We had just enough people here that we could have a good conversation, but not too many to all fit in the living room. It was lovely finally spending some relaxed time with my new neighbors and getting to know them a bit. Here’s to a new neighborhood tradition!