Apple Tartlets

I made these little treats to serve after our Christmas eve dinner. They were so easy I almost felt like I was cheating! I also liked how light they were after a very rich

Apple Tartlets

  • 1 box of “Mini Fillo Cups”–they are pre-baked, pre-shaped little shells of phyllo dough made by Athens
  • 1 apple pie kit
  • whipped cream

It’s that simple! Bake the apple pie filling in a loaf pan or similarly sized pan for about 45 minutes or until the apples are very tender and the sauce is nice and thick.

Spoon the apple pie filling into the phyllo cups and top with a dollop of whipped cream. I served everyone two tarts. They are small and you can practically pop the entire thing into your mouth in one bite. Being a good bit more lady-like than that (cough cough) I used a fork and made each one last TWO

Now, here’s the fun thing. If you don’t happen to have apple pie kits in the freezer, no worry! You can use canned apple pie filling. Or canned cherry or blueberry or lemon custard or WHATEVER kind of pie filling you like. These are pretty and look like they’re a whole lot of trouble, but they go together in about 3 minutes. VERY fun eating! So, if you need a fast, easy, grand dessert, try these!


6 thoughts on “Apple Tartlets

  1. yum…tooo tempting, that’s for sure.

    this time of year is just not the right time to be seeing decadent and simple treats like that. so much indulgence from the holidays makes me want to cover my eyes and run away from sugar

  2. Well….the really decadent bit is the whipping cream. You could put a dab of vanilla yogurt on it instead. Seems like Cooking Light Magazine is always recommending that as an alternative. I’m sure those little phyllo cups aren’t the healthiest alternative…but like I said, the beauty of this dessert for me was the fast, easy part. Also, most of the ingredients are things I can just keep on hand for hospitality emergencies.


  3. LOVE the apple pie kit idea. But really, what I want is my husband’s grandma on hand to make her apple pie whenever we want. I have never tasted anything so good. These look like a good substitute for kidnapping grandma however.

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