Molasses Wheat Berry Bread

My breads have been getting more and more….chunky. And chewy. Years ago I baked a […]

Kris’s Chalupa

My life is enormously enriched by a group of women that I fondly call My […]

Simple fettucini parmigiano

I made this very simple dish for dinner last night, and even my picky eater […]

Chile Verde–another recipe from a friend

I’ve been meaning to move a couple of wonderful recipes out of the comments in […]

Quick Chimichangas: guest post

A couple of weeks ago, commenter, Joe, posted his recipe for chimichangas. I want to […]

Pesto Swirl Loaf

Pesto is one of the finer things in life. In fact, around our house, pesto […]

Pears and Waterford Crystal bowls

When Dave and I got married, over 21 years ago, we received many lovely wedding […]

Good Eating in Phoenix

You know how there are some tastes from childhood that just can’t be duplicated? Well, […]

Introducing another cooking blog

Click on over to check out Melissa’s cooking blog, Eat Well, Live Well. I’ve been […]

Quick and beautiful dessert idea

I had a group of women coming over to my house tonight for dessert, and […]

Really Quick Enchiladas

Okay, I realize that the VERY quickest thing would be to buy something prepared out […]

And can someone please tell me WHY…question about Pyrex

Pyrex loaf pans are considerably smaller these days? Over the years, I’ve broken a lot […]