Quick Chimichangas: guest post

A couple of weeks ago, commenter, Joe, posted his recipe for chimichangas. I want to bring it to your attention by giving it its own post.

Joe writes: I have been making Chimis for several years and have revised the recipe over and over to get the result that satisfies all who eat them. I basically have 2 different versions: Chicken and Beef.

I fry the chicken in Olive Oil and shred it. I heat up some olive oil in a medium saucepan, enough to cover the bottom and then add a Tbls butter. I then add about 2 Tbls chili powder and let it fry about 20 seconds. I add a couple Tbls flour and stir for 30 seconds. Then I add enough milk to fill halfway. I stir it on low for awhile to let it “flavor” well. Once it gets almost as thick as I want it, I then add a small can of green chilies and half of regular can of diced tomatoes.(Drain the juice from the tomatoes and discard first)I stir the mixture and let it simmer on very low to heat the sauce back up, covered.

I take another large saucepan and add shredded chicken, sour cream, American cheese slices, sharp cheddar cheese, and alittle bit of the sauce, and sour cream. Vary the flavor the way you like it! Just heat it well without burning it!

Spoon the chicken on warm tortillas and wrap. Drop them in a skillet that’s been heated with olive oil and lightly toast on each side. Drain on paper towels.

Put finished tortillas on a stoneware plate and put sauce on them, followed by diced onions and sharp shredded cheddar cheese.

Put plate in the oven under the broiler. Make sure the plate isnt too close or the plate will crack and the totillas will burn. Once the cheese is kinda melted you are done.

Serve with your faves!

Hope you like.

Maybe I will post the beef one later. It’s different.

Comment by Joe | February 2, 2007 |

Thanks, Joe!