Are you a pie crust cheater?

I will confess to being a pie crust cheater of the highest order. I will go to great lengths to avoid rolling out pie dough on my counter. I usually buy the ready-made Pillsbury crusts (or the store brand, which is usually cheaper) and use those. If I plan to use them for “irregular” items like a square pot pie or several miniature pot pies, I will actually roll the dough flat and cut to order.

This morning, however, an internet friend, Bobbi, posted her quick crust solution for making miniature quiches. I like the look of this recipe and I really like how it’s accomplished.

Pastry Shells

  • 1 stick butter
  • Two 3-oz. packages of cream cheese
  • 1 ¾ cups flour

Blend ingredients and knead together. Chill for ½ hour. For individual pies, break off walnut-sized pieces of dough and press into muffin pans. This makes 1 ½ to two dozen regular muffin pan sized pies.

I especially like the idea of pressing a ball of dough into the muffin cups, thus avoiding all rolling out. Of course, if you need to roll this out for a full-sized pie, I’m sure that works.

Lazily yours,