Good Goopy Easy Chocolate Dessert

One of our readers, Mary, who lives in Costa Rica, just sent me this recipe. […]

Kris’s Broccoli Slaw

As I’ve written before, my Loopy friend, Kris, is a wonderful cook. The first time […]

Revisiting Fajitas

Back in January, I wrote about fajitas because they really are a favorite food in […]

Quick Summer Salad with Tomatoes and Artichokes

I needed something really QUICK to serve with BBQ beef sandwiches tonight. My family liked […]

Some of us are really good at ONE thing….

And then there’s Nate. Nate’s good at just about everything he puts his hand to. […]

Taco salad!

I made taco salad for dinner last night, and I thought I should post it […]

Fun easy things to bring to a summer potluck:

We had a very enjoyable evening tonight with three other families, our first outdoor dinner […]