Orange Blush Cocktail

We’ve invented a beautiful new pre-dinner cocktail, and had to share a photo and the method:Orange Blush

Orange Blush Cocktails:

Into each glass, drop several ice cubes.

Pour in 1 part some type of citrus-flavored liqueur–we used TripleSec, but Cointreau or Grand Marnier would both be lovely, too.

Pour in 2 parts orange juice–we used juice from frozen concentrate, but obviously fresh would take the flavor up a notch.

This should take you to about 3/4″ below the rim of the glass. Carefully and slowly pour in a tablespoon or two of Framboise or some other raspberry liqueur on one side. Do NOT stir or mix. Serve immediately, before the layers mix. In the photo, you can see one glass has started to mix, and one is just poured. Aren’t they pretty? We named them Orange Blush because they reminded us of the blush of a perfectly ripe peach (and they couldn’t be Peach Blush, because there’s no peach anything in them.)


3 thoughts on “Orange Blush Cocktail

  1. I would use peach schnapps instead of the citrus liquer. Then you could have peach blush. Or would it be a fuzzy blush? Hmmm…..

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