Some pictures to make you drool:

I took a little trip to the St. Paul Farmer’s Market yesterday morning, (deliciously wrapped in a sweatshirt and Goretex jacket–we finally have cool weather!) and came home, having spent about $30. Here’s my haul:

Farmer’s Market Bounty

A peck of cucumbers, half a peck of tomatoes, some very beautiful heirloom PURPLE tomatoes, a bunch of fingerling potatoes (that were scrumptious with our crockpot pork chops, with onions and carrots); two bunches of basil, which will be used to make more pesto for our freezer; a basket of fresh raspberries; and a bottle of buckwheat honey. I LOVE living in Minnesota!

One note of warning for those who live in northern parts: the pickling cucumbers are nearly done for the year, so if you are still planning to make pickles, get them ASAP!

In other news, I made this gorgeous Raspberry Velvet Torte yesterday, and…..oh. my. word. You simply MUST try this!!!!
Raspberry Velvet Torte