New Year’s Eve in My Sister’s Kitchen

I was just getting ready to write that New Year’s Eve was less traditional at […]

Readers, can you help this lady?

Dear MSK Readers, A couple days ago, Nancy posted this question in the comments on […]

Christmas on Purpose

We were doing the Sunday morning “meet and greet” during the first few minutes of […]

Christmas menus from Barb’s Kitchen, 2007

My mother-in-law is visiting us this Christmas. She appreciates excellent food, so we plan to […]

Christmas menus at Laura’s house, 2007

I am incurably nosey about what people are eating, and I assume that many of […]

Eggs Hussarde

My father-in-law is an excellent cook, and it is something of a family tradition that […]

Festive Cheese Ball

This comes from the grandmother of my friend Jeri, and appears in their family cookbook. […]

Swedish Rice Custard (Rice Pudding)

I was at a church potluck last week for the last-meeting-before-Christmas of our women’s Bible […]

Skorpa (Swedish Toast)

I have got this wonderful scam…er…scheme that I’ve been working. I beg people for their […]

Meatballs: fast food at home

Barb and I were comparing notes on recent “fly-by” meals we’d put together for people […]

Frozen Cherry Dessert

My friend Lynn showed up Thursday morning with this tasty dessert for my boys to […]