Christmas menus at Laura’s house, 2007

I am incurably nosey about what people are eating, and I assume that many of you who come back to our site repeatedly are also nosey, or you wouldn’t keep coming here. 😀 So here’s a peek at what we are eating at our house in the next two days:

Christmas Eve:

I’ve sidestepped our usual Christmas Eve tradition of homemade pizza because I got an incredible deal on salmon and crab legs. So we’ll be having the following:

We WILL observe the tradition which dates back to my childhood, of prolonging the meal, and then insisting on every dish being washed and the table wiped clean before sitting down to open presents. It’s deliciously excruciating for the kids to have to wait!

Christmas Day:

Since we do not have any family in town, we have stolen someone else’s grandparents (my friend Spring’s parents). They, along with Spring’s uncle, are coming for a Christmas brunch, the menu of which is a sort of tradition in Kirk’s family for Christmas morning–Eggs Hussarde, along with various hors-d’oevres. The first Christmas I spent with Kirk’s family, the Christmas we got engaged, Kirk’s dad was up very early making Eggs Hussarde, and I remember it was so delicious, it confirmed for me that I had made the Right Decision in agreeing to marry into this family. Of course, if I was going to REALLY do it in family style, I’d also serve Scrapple. But since I find Scrapple so completely vile and revolting, that won’t be happening. With all due respect to my lovely in-laws, the Eggs Hussarde will be enough, thank you. 🙂

Spring’s mom will be bringing one of her Swedish family Christmas traditions: Rice pudding. I haven’t decided yet what to do for dessert–either more apple dumplings, or maybe simply some banket, which is already made, or even–if I get really ambitious–a Raspberry Velvet Torte.

I believe that once Barb sees this post, she’ll probably chime in with her plans for fabulous cuisine at her house. And if any of you would like to share your menus, especially if you are using recipes you found here, but even if you’re not…we are all agog to hear about it!

We are thankful at this time of year not only that Jesus came into this world as a baby, to be witnessed by wise men and shepherds, but also that He is the Great Shepherd who laid down His life for His sheep. And we pray that many more people will be like the wise men, and seek Him while He may be found. Joyous Christmas to all of you!