Some Easter dinner menu suggestions

eastertable2006.jpgReposting this from last year:

I must confess: I am not cooking Easter dinner this year. In fact, I have nothing to do with Easter dinner this year. We’ll be eating Easter dinner with my sister-in-law Clair and her husband Paul. Both of them of wonderful cooks, so I suspect that I’ll be in for a great treat.

This also means that I haven’t been planning and shopping and preparing ahead of time….I’ve felt a little bit at a loss! So this morning I went hunting for photos from last Easter. If I WAS in charge of planning Easter this year, this is probably what it would look like! easterspread2006.jpg

We usually go to either the Easter Sunrise service or the earliest service available. Among many other things, this allows us to have Easter BRUNCH instead of Easter dinner. It wouldn’t take much to switch this menu from a brunch to a dinner though.

Easter Brunch

To make this a dinner rather than a brunch, I would leave out the pigs in the blankets and the bagels, cream cheese, and lox. I’d also add another vegetable, some hearty bread, possibly a green salad, a dessert and coffee.

One other favorite entree for Easter dinner over the years has been grilled tri-tip. I don’t have time to write about tri-tip, but it is a fabulous meat entree. I’ll be sure to cover that later.