Pizza Margherita

Night #2 of our Five Nights of Pizza experiment: Pizza Margherita. This pizza takes us […]

Sourdough Pizza Crust

With Laura’s Pizza Research Extravaganza going on right now, this seems like the perfect time […]

Olympus Honey Bread

Here is our ancient Greek sweet pizza, which we made from the sweet ingredients we […]

Pizza Blogging: A family research project

We have started an annual tradition in our homeschooling house: the Annual Family Research Project, […]

Laura Bee’s Sweet Tea

    When we moved to the southeastern part of the US, there was one […]

California Girl does Carolina Barbecue

One of things that we’ve learned since we moved to the southeast is that people […]

Guacamole Chicken

I went into the kitchen this afternoon with no real inspiration regarding dinner. But as […]

Sharon’s Egg Bake

A dear lady in my Bible study brought this classic egg dish to a recent […]