Pizza Blogging: A family research project

We have started an annual tradition in our homeschooling house: the Annual Family Research Project, held each May after we have completed all our academic work for the year. The boys and I sit down and brainstorm a list of possible topics, then select one of them, and research it together. Last year’s report was about Lego bricks. We learned about the history of the company, as well as the manufacturing process, and lots of fun facts.

Well, this year’s project is Pizza. We are busy writing a report that will include the history of pizza, the origin of the various ingredients, maybe a bit about the chemistry and science of yeast, and anything else that we find of interest. Of course, from the homeschool mom’s perspective, this is an ideal project, since it takes in history, geography, social studies, science, math (measuring ingredients!), writing, and plenty of hands-on learning! From the kids’ perspective, they are totally jazzed about Five Nights of Pizza. You read that right–FIVE nights of pizza. Starting tonight, we will be making a different variety of pizza each night, (and blogging about it, naturally!) What’s not to love about nearly a week of pizza?

So stay tuned! We will post pictures and recipes and our report as we go.