Olympus Honey Bread

Here is our ancient Greek sweet pizza, which we made from the sweet ingredients we didn’t feel we could include on our dinner pizza on the first stop in pizza history.

We used the small lump of pizza dough left from our Pizza Alexander, stretching it to fit into a 9″ tart pan, which we greased with olive oil. A little more olive oil was drizzled over the top. Then we drizzled honey over the whole thing (and we feel that the mild-flavored basswood honey we used was very nice, and on the whole, a mild-flavored honey is probably your best idea.) We added a spare sprinkling of rosemary (just a pinch, really–less than 1/4 tsp–a little goes a long way!), as a nod to the Greeks’ herbs. Over this we sprinkled a handful of water-softened raisins (again, we just couldn’t stomach the idea of using dates, as suggested by the article we read.) Then we toasted a handful of slivered almonds and sprinkled those over as well. We finished it off by drizzling a bit more honey over it all, sprinkling just a teeny skosh of cinnamon-sugar, and popping it in a 400ºF oven for about 15-20 minutes, until it was golden brown. We served it in dainty wedges, and it was YUMMY! I’d recommend this as a breakfast bread, a dessert bread, or as a having-guests-in-for-coffee snack. In any case, my boys agreed that it was “the food of the gods,” so we named it Olympus Honey Bread.