Fast Yummy Meatball Subs

  Oh my. The whirlwind of the school year has arrived and life just hit […]

Roasted vegetable bruschetta

It’s been brought to my attention that I never did post a recipe for the […]

Simple Grilled Salmon That Never Fails to Please

My youngest two boys and I are still at the family cottage in Michigan; to […]

Pasta salad with tuna and a whole lotta sneaky vegetables!

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Basic Pasta Salad for the Dog Days of Summer

Raise your hands if you can’t bear the thought of pot roast on a 90 […]

Concerned about High Fructose Corn Syrup?

I know lots of folks who are very concerned and vigilant about high fructose corn […]

Jambalaya Pizza: What Kinda Pizza IZZAT?????

We were still replete with Michele’s wonderful jambalaya when Michael had his Great Brainstorm. He […]

Joyful Jambalaya

We’ve been celebrating for a whole week now! Our parents, Ron and Marilyn, are celebrating […]