Happy New Year from My Sister’s Kitchen!

As we step into the year 2009, we both want to take the time to say thank you to our wonderful readers who continue to come back to our kitchen.  This blog started with a sisterly phone call (“Hey, what would you think about starting a food blog with me, to start cataloguing our family recipes?”) and has continued to grow and grow and grow. We have logged nearly 2/3 of a million hits since we opened our doors, posted over 500 recipes, and evolved in our thinking about the site.  It started as a fun way to collect all the family heirlooms in one place; but it  has become a place to explore how we think about food, cooking, and the ways we express our love for our family and friends through the food we serve.  Food does not equal love, but it sure is an important means of expressing it!  And each of you who faithfully reads what we post here has been part of this process.  Some of you have eaten at our tables, and others don’t know us in the skin-on world at all.  We’re grateful for all of you, and the encouragement your reading and your comments have given us to keep going.

In the new year, we wish you all the joy in your kitchen, your family,and  your faith that  we have experienced in ours.  We thank you for reading, and wish you a very Happy New Year!


Barb and Laura