Homemade Vegetable Stock

img_8165Okay, this is a brand new thing for us. I’ve made homemade turkey stock and chicken stock for years. I knew that vegetable stock existed, but I never really had call to use it and never even thought about making it. All that changed last week when our friend Bruce happened to mention how HE makes vegetable stock.

Here’s what we did:

Every time we had trimmings of any kind off of fresh vegetables, we stashed them in a tupperware container in the freezer. This meant that we washed the veggies really well before using them. img_81631 By the end of the week, I had potato peelings, carrot peelings, onion paper and scraps, garlic bits, green bean ends, the pith and seeds of bell peppers, and wilted cilantro.

I put all these vegetable scraps into my large stock pot, covered them with water, and turned the burner on to low. I simmered this bunch of scraps for about twelve hours. I added water when the water level got too low.img_8164

After everything had cooked and stewed, I poured the whole mixture through a tea towel. The result was a rich, thick vegetable stock that was just amazing. I froze the stock in 2 cup portions.

Tonight I used a quart of this stock as a base for my sweet potato curry soup and it was just GREAT!

The thing that delights me about this is that these are scraps that I would normally throw in the compost bin. I don’t generate a lot of vegetable scraps in my kitchen because I work hard at utilizing  EVERY bit of useable veggie. Still, after just over a week, I had quite a few scraps. It just tickles me to be able to use even the scraps!


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    • My understanding is that the bad stuff that makes the peels green is cooked out or neutralized in the cooking process. If you don’t feel comfortable with using them, then don’t.

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