Grilled Vegetables

It’s the taste of another perfect summer meal: grilled veggies. They’re so easy, it’d be […]

Greek Salad

I’m bringing this post out of semi-retirement. This recipe is just too good not to […]

The little things that make all the difference

I was discussing with my son Michael (who is also passionate about cooking good food)  […]

Leah’s Pasta Salad

My friend Leah Facebooked me today to tell me she had made my Secret Weapon […]

Herbed Chicken Wheatberry Salad

In the quest to use up last week’s CSA veggies, I started this evening’s dinner […]

Laura’s Secret Weapon Vinaigrette

I’m guessing that there are plenty of people out there who have made a vinaigrette […]

Happy Independence Day!

To those of our readers who are Americans, we wish you a Happy (and safe) […]