White chicken pozole


“Time to make pozole,” I thought to myself–I FINALLY had all the ingredients, I thought.  I pulled everything out, and realized belatedly that I did NOT have the guajillo peppers called for in my recipe for Red Pozole.  So I improvised (which, if you’ve been reading My Sister’s Kitchen for any length of time, you know is what we are ALL about!) And what I came up with was delicious, and actually less fiddly than the original recipe. White Chicken Pozole

  • 1/2 c. peanut or canola oil
  • 1 large white or yellow onion, diced
  • 1 Anaheim chili, diced
  • 1 tsp. red chili flakes
  • 1 whole chicken
  • Enough water to cover the chicken
  • 2-3 TBSP salt
  • 2 large cans (#10) hominy
  • 3-4 dried aguacate (avocado) leaves

Start by heating oil in a large stockpot over high heat.  When it is starting to smoke, throw in a few pieces of onion and let them burn before throwing in the rest of the onion.  Stir until onion is translucent.  Add Anaheim chili and continue to stir.  Have chicken and water near at hand before adding the pepper flakes–they will give off a throat-burning, eye-watering smoke fairly quickly.  You want to get them covered with water within about 30 seconds of adding them, or you end up needing to evacuate the house. 🙂

Add enough water to cover the chicken entirely. Add salt.  Immediately add both large cans of hominy (without draining.)  Throw in the aguacate leaves.  Stir.  Cover pot.  Allow soup to come to a boil; turn heat down to medium and continue to boil for 15-20 minutes.  Turn off heat.

Allow soup to cool for an hour or so.  Lift the chicken out of the soup and remove skin.  Strip as much meat as possible off the bones and add back into soup.  Bring soup back to a boil for a few minutes.

Serve with shredded lettuce and minced radishes, mounded liberally in the middle of the bowl, with fried tostada shells or tortilla chips on the side.