Very simple, very easy Thanksgiving Table Decorations

I’ll admit right up front that I’m not much for doing a lot of decorating. I can’t ever bring myself to buy flowers or a centerpiece for a holiday meal. I like a nicely-set table as much as the next person, but to me, the REAL decoration on the Thanksgiving table is the bounty of lovingly-prepared food.tdaytablesingle.jpg

So over the years I’ve figured out some quick easy ways to make my holiday table look dressed up.

First, I start with a tablecloth. No tablecloth? No problem. Use a bedsheet or any length of fabric. (I mean a flat bedsheet. The fitted bottom sheet might look a little….odd.)

In my book, candles of some sort are a must. This can mean candlesticks with tapers or just little Glade scented candles in the glass containers. tdaytable2.jpg

Some of my favorite items for creating a Thanksgiving table are squash and gourds. Pumpkins look nice too. You can heap the colorful squash and gourds in a basket, line them up down the center of the table, or just arrange them in the center. tdaytableline.jpg

Take a look around your house. Are there containers that can be used to hold the gourds? A bowl? A basket? A wooden box? A large serving platter?

Do you live someplace with interesting, colorful rocks? Try a small pile of rocks in the center of the table with tea candles sitting on the flat spots. Pine cones also make excellent decorations. One year I cut the stems out of those little bitty pumpkins and put tea candles in six of those arranged on a glass serving dish.

Candleholders…put a taper in an empty winebottle. Try small tea candles in a wine glass.

A cloth napkin opened up in the center of the table can create a good focal point. Again, any small piece of cloth can be spread out and LOOK like something! Try placemats. Even decorative paper napkins work for this.

There are lots of ways to get really creative and still spend no money on decorations.

And if all else fails and you see people looking doubtfully at your artistic creation…remember that the food will take their minds off the decorations in no time.


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