Help! My turkey is still frozen and it’s Wednesday night!

If you just realized, with enormous panic, that your turkey is still frozen rock hard in the deep freeze and it’s NOT going to thaw in the fridge overnight, take a deep breath. Is it possible to thaw a turkey fast?

Right now, fill up the kitchen sink with enough cold water to completely submerse your turkey. (You still shouldn’t let the turkey set on the counter overnight no matter how desperate you are, because it’s not safe.)


You CAN let the turkey sit overnight in a sink of cold water and that will go a long way towards thawing it. In the morning, use really warm water as you wash it out and pat it dry. Make sure you allow plenty of extra cooking time in case it’s still frozen. Keep the bird tightly covered with foil to prevent it from drying out while it bakes.

All is not lost. You still can have delicious turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re reading this at 10 AM on Thursday morning…this might be the year to go OUT for Thanksgiving dinner!
And btw, I didn’t forget to take the turkey out earlier this year, but I HAVE forgotten plenty of times over the years.


7 thoughts on “Help! My turkey is still frozen and it’s Wednesday night!

  1. Hi Barb,
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Would you be posting in the pictures of your Turkey “before” and “after” cooking too?
    This will be a great way to compare notes. I rememberd my first Thanksgiving dinner in Los Angeles, years and years ago. Quite a feast!
    I wished i was a better cook! The first time i tried to make soup 1 month ago, i burnt the whole pot! I do love food though and can’t keep my fingers off things that are yummy.

  2. My brother donated his turkey to our dinner and it has been sitting in the fridge since last Saturday. One thing you should NEVER do is put a turkey in the fridge to thaw without setting it on a cookie sheet. Baaaaaaad mistake! Someone had an impromptu fridge cleaning on Wednesday……and yuck what a mess! So much for culinary genius, huh??

    One important thing to remember about thawing the turkey in the sink, if you have time and can change the water every hour it helps a lot. And be sure to clean and sanitize your sink when you are done!! We are talking raw poultry here.

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  4. Thank you for your help I was wondering if we are going to have turkey for thanksgiving or not lol

    Happy Thanksgiving

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