How to Whip Whipping Cream

This is probably something that most of you know how to do, but I remember a time when I had no idea how to whip whipping cream to top desserts….
Whipping Cream

I do this in my kitchenaid mixer, using the wire whisk attachment and speed 10. Any mixer will work. Even whipping it by hand will work, but it takes longer and is more work.

I usually whip a minimum of 2 c. (1 pint carton) of whipping cream, but that is because I’m almost always feeding dessert to an army. It’s perfectly okay to whip only 1 cup of cream. Less than one cup won’t work for my mixer, but would work if I was using a hand mixer or just beating it with a whisk.

I pour a pint of HEAVY WHIPPING CREAM (if it doesn’t say HEAVY, that’s okay, it will still work. Do remember that you can’t whip half-and-half) into the mixing bowl. I add 1/4 c. sugar and a dab of vanilla. I attach the whisk and turn the mixer on. Very shortly I can see the cream starting to get stiff and foamy. I whip the cream until it forms stiff peaks.

The biggest trick is to not OVER whip the cream. If you beat it too long, then you will end up with butter. So as soon as a spoonful of the whipped cream will hold its shape, then stop the mixer.

You can leave the sugar out altogether if you don’t want the whipped cream to be sweetened. You can also increase the sugar if you’d like your whipping cream to be sweeter.

Whipped cream is another thing that I never have leftovers on! Also, a bit of trivia….for years my boys called this whupping cream.

Note from LB: When I am serving this on top of either pumpkin pie or apple cake, or something that has that family of spices, I like to fold a teaspoon or so of nutmeg into the whipped cream. (Sprinkle the nutmeg over the already whipped cream, and mix it in gently with a spoon, not with more mixer action.) Trés yummy!

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  1. This is something I just discovered myself- and it’s fun to experiment with different flavors of extract or even liquors…

  2. I put some cinnamon in whipping cream that I served with both a flourless chocolate cake and an apple tart — yum! I also frequently add a little real almond extract rather than vanilla, esp when I serve with cherry desserts b/c I really like that combo.

    I love all your Thanksgiving prep posts! 😀

  3. I’ve done this many times, but I’ve always added my sugar and vanilla before I started whipping, just to make sure the sugar is dissolved and that it’s not gritty (not an issue if you use powdered sugar). I also use a metal mixing bowl set in a larger bowl that has ice in it. The colder the cream, the easier it whips.

  4. Michele and Fruittart, yes, aren’t those creative flavors yummy? I usually plop a big spoonful of whipped cream into my coffee alongside my dessert. I usually drink my coffee black, but fresh whipping cream is too yummy to resist.

    Ice9, you’re right about adding the sugar early on. I’ve done it both ways and am usually happier with adding it early, so I’m changing the instructions to reflect that. I do use powdered sugar for this most of the time so I don’t generallly think about the dissolving issue. This year, however, I don’t have powdered sugar in the house, so it WILL be an issue. Thanks!


  5. We learned in culinary school that adding powdered sugar to the heavy cream will produce a whipped product that is stable longer, and won’t start ‘weeping’ the next day. Powdered sugar has cornstarch added to it for stability so it produces a firmer whip.

    I love adding cocoa to my cream, and a little coffee for a mocha inspired treat.

  6. Thanks, Kate. I love it that there was a good reason for using powdered sugar! But did you say “next day” in relation to whipping cream? Does that actually happen in your house?


  7. Hello, Can you freeze it after it has been whipped? Thanks for all the useful tips this site has been very helpful. Barb G

  8. Barb, I know you can refrigerate it. I’ve never thought of freezing whipped cream. I don’t know if it can be done. That would be worth a small experiment, just to see what happens.

    Glad you’ve found our kitchen helpful!


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  10. I made a Graham Cracker Roll made with whipping cream. I don’t need to serve it until close to Christmas. Can freeze it until then?

    The recipe only calls for refrigeration for 6 hours before serving. It has been in the fridge now for about 16 hours.

    Will the cream go bad left in the fridge if I don’t freeze it.

    It is for a gift and I don’t want it to fall apart before I present it.

  11. Hi Cindy, Feel free to correct me if I’m misunderstanding your question, but I think you are asking if you can leave something with whipping cream in the fridge for that long, or if you can freeze it. And sadly, the answer to both is NO.

    If you leave it in the fridge for more than 2 or 3 days, whipping cream starts to lose its attractive consistency, and starts to separate. It will start going sour before then, also.

    And if you freeze whipping cream, it will ruin the texture–things with cream or dairy in them often do not freeze well at all.

    Our recommendation to you would be to use your Graham Cracker Roll now for something else (tonight’s dessert, if nothing else!) and consider it the trial run-through for the gift. I’d recommend that you not make it more than a day or two before giving it.


  12. I follow your posts for a long time and must tell that your posts always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.

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  15. This is an old post!! 🙂 Found you via a Pinterest pin! I never buy Cool Whip anymore, I always make my own whipped topping, because it’s so easy and it doesn’t have anything nasty in it! I just stooped by to see if you do anything different… Nope! Tis the same method I use. 🙂

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  17. I am making Dole Whips for the first time today. My son has worked for Disney Inc for a year now. He loves those Whips! He is coming in this weekend for Mother’s Day and I want to surprise him. I hope they turn out for me!!

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