31 days of cookies for Christmas

This year Laura and I are going to do something a little different here in the Kitchen. Each day of this month, we’re going to post one of the cookie recipes that we make this holiday season.

Some of these will be first-time experiments and some will be perennial favorites. We’ll probably cheat a little and slip in some treats that aren’t quite cookies but are in the sweet-treat category. If we miss a day, be patient with us; we’ll catch up. We’re both in the throes of VERY busy Christmas seasons this year!

So prepare for some tasty treats and an occasional musing on the meaning of Christmas. I will give you one hint: we’re going to start the month with a favorite Dutch cookie recipe and end with a REALLY favorite Dutch recipe. We’re doing this because, well, that’s what our heritage is. We have a lot of Dutch immigrants on our family tree and, boy howdy, did those Grandma’s know how to cook!