Olie Koeken, #31

December 31:

I started our 31 Days of Christmas cookies with a favorite Dutch recipe from my Grandma’s files. I’m ending this 31 Days of Gluttony Christmas Cookies with another Dutch recipe: Olie Koeken. I remember having these delicious treats every New Year’s as I was growing up. I’m actually going to link you back to three recipes that Laura and I posted a couple of years ago. As with the banket recipe, we don’t want to lose the comments or the links to these recipes.

All three of these recipes are for basically the same thing–varying interpretations of the same pastry. Translated literally, these are Fat Balls or Oil Cakes. We try not to translate anything literally because it takes the fun out of eating these if we think about the meaning too closely.

Olie Koeken

Vet Bollen, #2

Vet Bollen, #3

These traditional pastries are absolutely delicious and, once a year, worth the calories.

Happy New Years!