Ajo Pizza Appetizer

As my husband was putting the finishing touches on a great smoked sausage pizza tonight,  I asked, “What are you going to put on this extra crust over here?”  He shrugged.  “Maybe some garlic or something.”

Garlic! Oh joy! I raced to the fridge and pulled out my jar of Mojo de Ajo (a slow-roasted garlic-infused olive oil).  

I scooped a couple of scoops of the Mojo onto the partially baked crust, making sure to get plenty of the chunks of roasted garlic from the bottom of the jar.  Having spread out the garlic across the crust, I sprinkled on a few handfuls of shredded Parmesan (the real stuff, not the stuff in the green can.)  Twenty minutes later, we had a gorgeous Ajo Pizza (along with the smoked sausage pizza, which was topped with scrumptious smoked Polish sausage, sliced thinly and sautéed first) on the table.  I regret to report that it was eaten too quickly for me to get any photos.

I highly recommend Ajo Pizza to you as a fabulous party appetizer–just cut it into smaller slivers and arrange it on a plate.


3 thoughts on “Ajo Pizza Appetizer

  1. Your idea of using mojo de ajo as pizza sauce just might make cheese-less “pizza” acceptable to my teenager (who is dairy free for now). Thanks!

  2. This sounds great. I think I will add some onion and a little shredded chicken, serve a salad on the side, and call it dinner. I just love getting more ideas for using mojo de ajo.

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