Last minute Easter egg treats

It’s not unusual for me to realize at the last minute that yet again I’ve forgotten to get the Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt or treats for Sunday morning. These cute little Easter egg treats are fast, easy, and are a great emergency response to last minute requests for treats from our kids!

Rice Krispy Easter Eggs

You need four things for these last-minute treats: plastic eggs, marshmallows, butter, and Rice Krispies.

Start by making regular rice krispy treats. You can follow a recipe if you have a favorite. Today, howevver, since I was in a hurry, I just used what I had:

  • a stick of butter
  • a large bag of marshmallows (I counted them and came up with 65. This is actually about 1.5 times the regular recipe that calls for 40 large marshmallows)
  • a box of store brand rice krispies
  • a bag of empty plastic Easter eggs

Again, feel free to use an actual recipe if you’re more comfortable with that. I melted the stick of butter and marshmallows in a large pot. Once they were completely melted, I poured the Rice Krispies into a large bowl and dumped the marshmallow mixture on them. I stirred them until they were completely coated and sticky.

Then, for the fun part, I recruited friends and family to help me stuff eggs. Everyone was eager to participate and immediately started sneaking the gooey rice krispy treat mixture whenever I looked the other way.

The roughly doubled recipe filled all the eggs and my helpers quickly dispatched the rest of the sticky sweet goodness.

As the rice krispy mixture cools, it stays in the shape of the egg.

One word of caution: most plastic eggs aren’t moisture-proof so don’t let them spend too much time nestled out in the dewey grass.

Happy last-minute-preparations!


3 thoughts on “Last minute Easter egg treats

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  2. So, do they not stick at all? Can you reuse the eggs? Do they need washing out? Would recommend something different if I did want to keep the eggs? I’m far away from a Walmart. I actually had a panic just like that today, only I found candy, filled the eggs AND made rice crispy treats!

    • No, they don’t really stick. At least not when I make them. I ALWAYS reuse the eggs. Washing them out is a good idea to keep the bugs and mold away. Today I actually bought 60 plastic eggs for $0.99 because everything was marked down 80%!

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