Step AWAY from the kitchen!

I don’t know what the weather is like by you, but I’m ready to head to the North Pole to sit on a polar ice cap. The last couple of weeks have been miserably hot and muggy. I live in an area that doesn’t generally get a lot of hot, muggy weather, so we have no air conditioning. That means that my kitchen feels like an inferno by the time I’m done making dinner each night.

Last night, I had had enough. I decided that the oven and stove simply need to stay off for a few days. We DID have dinner guests coming for dinner though and that posed a bit of a problem…which was solved by our gas GRILL!

Yes, we learned that grilling pizza works handily. More important, I baked my dessert out on the grill! I actually made Chocolate Chip Cookie bars in a stone jelly roll pan (from Pampered Chef–it was a gift) and they turned out great!

I preheated the grill with two large pizza stones in it and then set the jelly roll pan of cookie bar batter on top of those. I closed the top and hoped for the best. It was a success! I had a few really dark areas on a couple of spots of the bottom, but 90% of the pan were just perfect and delicious.

Best of all, I kept ALL that heat outside.

It’s really, really important to use a non-stick spray on the jelly roll pan. Even though my pan was really well-cured, it still was a little challenging to get the cookie bars out. Also, I did observe that the cookie bars kept cooking after I had taken them off the grill because the stone pan held the heat for a long time. This needs to be factored into baking times. The bars cooked much faster out on the grill than they do in the oven, leading me to believe that the grill is a good bit hotter than my oven.

So my challenge this week is to figure out what ELSE I can bake in my gas grill…the possibilities are endless!


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