Saturday’s Slick Trick: Saving time making stock

We all have them…little tricks that we do to make life easier. Usually, we don’t think much about them until someone notices and it occurs to us that not everyone does whatever we just did. For example, a couple of years, I posted about using grocery store savings cards to get stubborn crusty food off dishes as I wash them. A few weeks ago we discussed how to get rid of fruit flies. I LOVE learning new tricks like that, so I thought we’d start sharing a few of our favorite kitchen short-cuts once a week.

Today’s slick trick has to do with making chicken stock. Every once in a while, I run out of time and buy a rotisserie chicken from the deli section in our grocery store. Lately, I’ve been saving every bit of bone, skin, and gristle after I’ve pulled the meat off the bones. I stick the all this in a ziplock bag which I put in the freezer. Usually I collect up a couple of chicken’s worth of bones in one bag. Then when it’s convenient or when I need homemade chicken stock, I just grab that ziplock bag and dump its contents into my deep stockpot. If the urge to make homemade chicken stock overtakes me, I already have everything I need! It’s no more trouble to quick boil up those chicken carcasses than it is to run to the store to BUY a can of sodium-laden chicken stock.

I’d love to hear from all of our readers if you have some favorite tricks.


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