Thanksgiving Dinner: Bread or Rolls

Over the next couple of weeks, Laura and I will be posting recipes (LOTS of recipes) for Essential Foods in the Thanksgiving Feast.

The bread plays a humble, unobtrusive role (roll?)  at the Thanksgiving feast. There are so many delicious sides AND the turkey that bread might almost seem unnecessary. BUT a slice of bread or a Parker House roll is your best tool for mopping up the last of the turkey gravy off your plate, a small but critical job. And the bread group bears the heavy responsibility of being a conveyor of butter, a job not to be underestimated.

loaves of homemade bread for Thanksgiving dinner

We have an entire tag devoted to bread, containing links to many types of breads.

Here are a few of our favorite breads for a holiday meal.

Of course, sourdough is good with every meal, holiday or otherwise.

A hearty oatmeal molasses bread is a good addition to Thanksgiving dinner. A 9-grain bread is great too.

You can even use some of the extra sweet potatoes to make a delicious sweet potato bread.

sweet potato bread

One of my favorite tricks is to use my favorite cool rise sweet dough to make into dinner rolls. Without the cinnamon sugar and raisins, this cinnamon roll dough does a great job of filling the bread role (roll?) at dinner.

And for those of you who can’t imagine adding homemade bread to your list of to-dos this Thanksgiving, we have three suggestions that will work just as well.

1. Check out your nearest local bakery and their bread selection. Many bakeries also sell dough by the pound for pizza crust or dinner rolls. You could totally fake everyone out with home-BAKED rolls!

2. Check out the brown-n-serve breads available in your local grocery store. There are some really nice options nowadays.

3. No guilt. If bread isn’t your thing, don’t worry about it.

cranberry walnut whole wheat bread for Thanksgiving dinner


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