Thanksgiving Dinner: Appetizers

Who needs appetizers along with Thanksgiving Dinner, you say? Well, in our family, they are needed, because we have a very light breakfast, and no lunch before the mid-afternoon feast. So around noon, I usually pull out some appetizers for people to nibble on while waiting for the main event.

cheese and crackers

We have lots of appetizers here, which you can browse if you click here.

My appetizers are often quite simple: a tray of fancy cheeses, sliced, with a few different kinds of cocktail crackers, plus a tray of cut veggies and dip.

But we also have some favorites that are not a lot more work (and on Thanksgiving Day, if you are also responsible for the big dinner, you certainly don’t want to be serving appetizers that require a lot of extra prep on your part!) Most of these could be made ahead of time, and pulled out that day.

You could add to the cheese-and-crackers tray with a Festive Cheese Ball or some Roasted Pepper Cream Cheese Spread. Or you might add a thinly sliced baguette and some Roasted Vegetable Bruschetta–you’ll definitely need to make this a day or two in advance.

Of course, there is the tried and true Bacon-Wrapped Water Chestnuts, which everyone loves. You’ll have to find time to squeeze these into the oven alongside the turkey, but they’re so yummy, we’re sure you’ll find a way.
If you make them ahead, they’ll only need about 5 minutes on a cookie sheet in the oven to reheat (that’s if the ravening hordes haven’t found them and scarfed them by that time.)

If you have little ones in the house, they will be hungry, even if the big dinner is “only in an hour or so”–and these Pigs in Blankets will be just the thing for them. And they can be made ahead and reheated in the microwave.

A somewhat fancier hors-d’oevres is Hummus Phyllo Cups, which are actually quite easy to make, with the store-bought phyllo cups, and make-ahead (or buy at the deli!) hummus. The hummus has some good protein to tide you over if your feast is late in the day.

At our house, the Deviled Eggs usually get served at the table for the big meal, but you could make them a day or two ahead and set them out as appetizers.

If you serve something wonderful as an appetizer at your house, we’d love to hear from you.


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  1. Do you have Aunt Shirl’s recipe for phyllo wrapped brie cheese? I will send it to you…it is an elegant and very tasty prelude to dinner.

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