Saturday’s Slick Trick: Keeping Fresh Herbs FRESH

Nothing beats cooking with fresh herbs, but KEEPING those herbs fresh until you’re ready to use them can be a challenge. While I PREFER to buy my fresh herbs the same day I use them, sometimes that’s just not possible. This summer I discovered a nifty trick that really helps keep the fresh herbs nice for a few days after they’re purchased.

This handy tip is very simple. I treat fresh herbs like they are cut flowers. When I get home from the market or in from the garden, I snip the ends of the stems off again and stick them directly into a mason jar of cool water. Most herbs will droop for a few hours and then perk up. Last summer, I kept large bunches of fresh basil looking green and growing for over a week in a large mason jar.

fresh herbs in canning jars

I also want to pass along a local tip for anyone living in the NC High Country. There’s a new market in town that is just awesome. Veggies, Fruits, and More, owned and operated by Allan Curtis,  is located at 545 Highway 105 Extension in Boone. Mr. Curtis is committed to providing super-fresh local produce to the high country. He’s been open since the beginning of September and his produce is the best in town. Better yet, his prices are the absolute lowest. Check out the Facebook page for this store: Veggies, Fruit & More. I bought all my herbs for Thanksgiving dinner at this new market. I’ve also discovered some local varieties of apples that I’ve never seen before.


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One thought on “Saturday’s Slick Trick: Keeping Fresh Herbs FRESH

  1. I discovered how to keep cilantro and mint fresh, is to put it in a ziplock bag with a dry paper towel. and store in the fridge. I’ve had cilantro for 10 days stay fresh. I also do this with my lettuce now, it works well.

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