Thanksgiving Dinner: How to Carve a Turkey and other important details

I have to start with a confession: Dave always carves the turkey at our house and I NEVER personally carve a turkey. Second confession: We fully intended to post a video of Dave efficiently carving a turkey, but we simply ran out of time. So no video this year. I have, however, spent some time looking for other sites that cover that information well. It was no surprise to me that there is a wealth of information out there on how to carve a turkey.

I really like this wikiHow article on carving a turkey. It has helpful photos through the whole process. This eHow article has some good basic information too.

There are some great videos of carving a turkey correctly too.

Mark Dommen carves a turkey and also tells you what NOT to do here.

Another basic video instructing you how to carve your Thanksgiving turkey.

My favorite chef, Alton Brown, has an excellent video on how to carve your Thanksgiving bird. has a video on turkey carving.

If you’re a Pampered Chef fan, this video on carving a turkey is for you.

Now is a good time to remind you of an important item for your grocery list: aluminum foil. Many years I get all the way to Thanksgiving dinner and have forgotten to buy more foil. I say MORE because usually the prep work leading up to Thanksgiving dinner depletes my regular aluminum foil supply completely. This is one time of the year when it’s really helpful to have both regular foil and heavy-duty foil on hand. You’ll use both.

Carving Thanksgiving Turkey requires aluminum foil

Next, once the turkey is carved, you’ll be needing to make homemade gravy. That’s in the next post!

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  2. …just returned from the Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving grocery store crush (had to get vegetarian bouillon for the vegetarian stuffing I’m making for part of our crew) and noticed at least half the people coming out of the store had the overlong boxes of aluminum foil sticking out of their bags. You think they read your post and dashed off to get the stuff? 🙂

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