Thanksgiving Dinner: Think about that turkey carcass NOW

Wondering what to do with the turkey carcass after your big feast is done? Whatever you do, don’t throw it away!

The turkey carcass is one of the best leftovers you’ll get from your Thanksgiving dinner.

Here’s how WE handle the carcass question:

What do I do with my turkey carcass?

If you start your stock pot of bits and bones and leftovers WHILE you’re actually carving the turkey, you get a great head start on this stock-making process.
slow-roasted turkeys just look different


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2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Dinner: Think about that turkey carcass NOW

  1. I’m not in the “jump start” category on anything these days, unless of course naps or tiny tot bedtimes are concerned. I’m boiling my carcass tonight. Well, actually, just the skin and bones and bits. The carcass is to big for any of my pots. Any takers? She’ll all bagged and ready for delivery!

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