Christmas Cookies: checking in here and there

We’ve been snowed in for two days and this really is a perfect time to bake. So check out the next round of Christmas cookies in our 31 Days of Christmas Cookies Project:

Day 12: Mexican Wedding Cookies — a Christmas cookie standard where I come from

Day 13: Spritz Cookies — these are really fun to do with the kids

Day 14: Scottish Shortbread — simple+buttery+rich=delicious

Day 15: Hello Dolly Bars — a recipe from my Grandma’s recipe box

Day 16: Swedish Sandbakkles — holiday goodies from a different tradition

Day 17: Peppermint Bars — one of my sister-in-law’s favorites

Anniversary Christmas ornament

We’d love to hear from you, our readers, with YOUR favorite Christmas cookie recipes. What are the goodies you ate as a child, dream about as an adult, plan for all year long?


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One thought on “Christmas Cookies: checking in here and there

  1. We absolutely love the Mexican Wedding Cakes (cookies, Toffee Bars, Spritz Magic Carpets and the Sugar Cut-out cookies from my 7th grade Home-Ec teacher, Mrs. Redman – the source of most of our family’s Christmas cookie favorites for the past 40+ years (with yours truly solely doing the baking). Never had a bad batch! My recipes are nearly identical to those Ive seen on your web site. I haven’t seen the Toffee Bars (a very simple fast rich cookie crust spread with melted chocolate or butterscotch chip and nuts)then cut into squares or fancier diamonds.

    If I had one personal tip for bakers, I would say I use powdered sugar for rolling out the dough instead of flour. It works for the rolling pin and cookie cutters, too, and doesn’t result in tough cookies, just sweeter, crispier cookies!

    I also simply must let you know how much I love the almond treat “Banket”!! I baked my first ever batch this week and it turned out beautifully! It should come with a “Black Box” label of the potential dangerous effects of baking it alone, especially for a Banket “virgin”! I was alone when I decided to trim off an end to taste it…. [well, (bragging) I didn’t have any leaks or “mistakes” to sample!]…anyway, I could have hit my head while swooning! 🙂 Really, try to use some common sense and place the warning at the top of the recipe. I was in terrible danger and didn’t even realize it! Ha ha!

    Merry Christmas to you and Thank You for the wonderful recipes and thoughts. Love it!

    Sincerely, a baker in the Frozen North Country in BEAUTIFUL Marquette, Michigan.

    Susan Roubal

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